Katerina Vrana "About Sex"

The CNN placed it in the list of 13 Worldwide comic Women must see. The Greece kept it close for a whole year with the 'Feta with the Queen' giving of the a sold out night after another! And now a year later, Katerina Vrana, presents us her new show ''About Sex''

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Tales & Spirit trio

The Tales & Spirit trio come from Thessaloniki and take us with imaginative remixes where the Pink Martini and Pink Floyd encounter Stamatis Kraounakis and Alcestis Protopcalti. Known worldwide successes with beautiful velvet voices Angelika, Aris, Nikol and accompaniment violin and guitar.

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Mathioudakis and Theodoropoulos are "On The Road"

Michael Mathioudakis and Byron Theodoropoulos are "On The Road". Two of the best stand up comedians of the new generation, with over 500 shows under their belt, they get their best texts and show you one of the best double bill of winter. They promise a different stand up comedy show than you are used to!

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