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Comedy "Savvela Zepo" of Darnaki - Laftsidis

The Savvela Zepo is a folk singer second class (maybe third) acting after year career to leave Greece. Thus making a last tour in the region to bid farewell to the audience.

In appearances singing, talking about her life, for the love that the stigmatized and the course of the bouzouki. Through this highly eccentric comedy seeing complexes and insecurities of both women and men and the difficulties of intimate relationships and how they stigmatize.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016 at 21.30

About the contributors:
Maria Laftsidis and Michael Darnakis professionally engaged in theater since 2012. The two actors are also writing duo as they have signed so far four plays which went very successfully in theaters in Thessaloniki. Their first comedy entitled "Eilythia 'issued and played for two years at the Curtain Theatre. Together they have written the comic monologue "... whole 15 minutes," the socio-political comedy "Coup" and "Savvela Zepo", which is an advanced form of the show "15 whole minutes ..."

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