The building complex "Tobacco Houses", has over the years one of the biggest and most iconic buildings in the area and has classified as historic and monument, because it is a valuable sample of specific building use with significant morphological and architectural elements, an integral part of and witness the economic and social life Alexanroupolis. From May 2016 building complex housed the "Public Library" and "Taratsa book'n'coffee" a pioneering cafe bar, which is in the basement of the neoclassical building. O This particular area is not only a cafe bar but a living space to exchange ideas and meeting people.

It is a quiet area, ideal for relaxing and studying. In the warm and bright place in the semi-basement, the morning smell of coffee and books. To improvement is you can take your coffee and climb to the library. For those who want to escape a little from the monotony can enjoy coffee or a drink in the beautiful outer space friends with their book or their friends.

The "Taratsa" is open daily from early morning to late at night waiting for all of you to enjoy coffee, refreshments, drinks and different dishes with new flavors ...

Taratsa the [taratsa]

Taratsa (Terrace) call the flat roof of the house that is not covered with tiles usually constructed of concrete, coated with slabs or other waterproof material and is surrounded by a protective wall or railing.

The Italian terrazza-o fr. terrasse? sp. terrazo which is derived from the medieval Latin TERRACEUS gilts. TERRACEA (Earth) TERRA (earth). The original meaning of TERRACEA was land elevation (rialzo di terra) who was holding a stone for a walk or observation.

Phrase (Greek) I made the terrace, I ate too much.
Phrase (in our case) descend on the terrace, go for a coffee or drink in the basement of the Library.

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Opening Hours

Every day from early morning to late at night ...


Taratsa book'n'coffee
Enou 46
P.C. 68132, Alexandroupolis

Phone: 2551081311